Sublio France chose the laboratory BIO-EC, a research centre specialising in efficacy studies for cosmetics and skincare products.

Identification of the water’s moisturising effect and action on repair of the skin barrier and cutaneous differentiation using ex vivo skin explants.

The first part of this study involved creating dry skin by removing lipids from the skin’s surface. We evaluated the skin’s response with or without treatment by studying the filaggrin, a major protein in the stratum corneum (an external layer of the skin).

After 3 hours: SUBLIO ionised water has fully compensated for the dry skin and significantly overexpressed filaggrin, which is an essential element for skin hydration.
After 24 hours: SUBLIO ionised water has completely stopped skin drying and has helped significantly overexpress the filaggrin. This confirms the moisturising effect of SUBLIO ionised water.

--> Usually these results are obtained with complex cosmetic formulations (10 to 20 ingredients) containing lipids. Lipids quickly reform a skin barrier and have a significant repairing effect. This study shows that a single application of SUBLIO water has the same repairing power, in addition to offering a moisturising effect over 24 hours.

The second part of the study involved regularly treating the skin with Sublio water and evaluating the hydration markers.

After 6 and 11 days: Increased thickness and layering of the stratum corneum (this effect persists and intensifies after 11 days of treatment).
Overexpression of involucrin (protein involved in forming the stratum corneum). This suggests that SUBLIO water actively plays a role in reinforcing the stratum corneum.
Reduced expression of aquaporin 3. This protein regulates the flow of water from the dermis to the stratum corneum. The moisturising effect of SUBLIO water combined with its activity reinforcing the stratum corneum reduces the need for aquaporin 3.

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