What is the Sublio WaterBox?

Sublio WaterBox is a unique, eco-friendly system that breaks up and ionises the minerals in water to actively protect your body every day.

What are the results?

In terms of softness, smoothness, and regeneration, the results on your skin and hair are immediate. Fine lines visibly fade as early as the third month.

Where can the WaterBox best be enjoyed?

Sublio WaterBox is installed where water is most used: swimming pools, bathrooms, jacuzzis, steam rooms, and hydromassage, etc.

How long does it take to install?

In 45 working days maximum, our installation teams take care of everything. They install the Sublio WaterBox at the water inlet of your premises.

How much does the Sublio WaterBox cost?

The calculation of the overall installation price of the WaterBox involves an evaluation of the prerequisites necessary for its positioning because it measures 2.2 meters wide and weighs 125 kg.

What are the guarantees?

The cosmetic effects are 100% certified. Sublio WaterBox is guaranteed 12 years parts and labour.


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